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2018 - Present


I was created a channel in YouTube for sharing my moments, daily vlogs and etc. Creating a YouTube video is my hobby

2022 - Present

Online Shop

I was created an online & official shop named - Peyman Islam. I'm selling clothes & accessories designed by me. 

23/06 - 27/06

Website creator & design

I made a first website for 'Jabbarli Design'. 

It was established for Leyla Naib Jabbarli, an interior designer who loves and chooses minimalist design.

Leyla Jabbarli's successful projects are featured on this site, which took 1 week to set up. It has a minimalist design and provides a fast experience for users.


2010 - 2021

School & Me

In 2010, I entered the 1st grade of secondary school No. 162, and in 2021, I graduated from that school.

2022 - Present

University & Me

Currently, I am continuing my studies at the Bachelor's level at Azerbaijan Technical University.

& Hobbies

  • Photo & Video Editor

  • Beat Creator

  • YouTuber / Blogger 

  • Animal Lover

  • App Creator

  • UI / UX Designer

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